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Lloyd Flanders Pool Side Dining Chair

Lloyd Flanders Pool Side Dining Chair Let's all chip in to get a going away present for the companies that make those stackable plastic chairs, because now that we have the Lloyd Flanders Pool Side Dining Chair, it's time for them to head off to the Shady Acres Rest Home for Tired Outdoor Furniture. You can kick back into the padded and forgiving sling of this sleek outdoor dining chair while you're signing their Good Luck! card. The steel frame features an all-weather, stainless coating that is accented by the pewter-toned sling and weather-resistant, alternative wood accents on the arms. The quick-drying fabric makes sure that you always have a dry place to relax, even after the rain or a quick cleaning. If you love this look, you should definitely check out the rest of the Lloyd Flanders Pool Side line, like the Ottoman, Bar Stool or side table. About Lloyd/FlandersCarrying on the traditions of Marshall B. Lloyd, Lloyd/Flanders brings the sophistication of timeless furniture designs to a sophisticated, modern audience. Using modern production processes and materials, these classic styles are faithfully rendered in a way that can be enjoyed by customers anywhere with high-quality construction and reliable, all-weather designs.

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