Bargain Homecrest Palisade Self-Adjusting Sling Chaise Lounge

Homecrest Palisade Self-Adjusting Sling Chaise Lounge
You're about to find out if furniture can get jealous when you abandon your indoor pieces for the outdoor comfort of the Homecrest Palisade Self-Adjusting Sling Chaise Lounge. You won't be back inside for some time when you can stretch out on the self-adjusting frame of this unique and no-nonsense piece. Designed to withstand years of outdoor use, the frame combines extruded steel with rust-proof aluminum that can be covered in your choice of appealing finishes. You'll get just the right fit and support with the self-adjusting seat, and it will always fit into your decor when you customize it by choosing from several complementary fabric options. It's going to be a long summer, so you'd better get comfy. About Homecrest: The Homecrest brand was founded in 1953 as the offspring of a retail furniture shop in Wadena, Minnesota when Mert Bottemiller and Al Engelmann set out to offer the market a better ottoman than those offered by their competitors. This venture soon led to their first line of patio furniture, and in 1956, Bottemiller patented the swivel rocker mechanism that is still a central part of the products they produce today from their plant in Minnesota. For almost 60 years the Homecrest brand has been the go-to name for quality outdoor furniture when customers want a sophisticated, versatile style that complements their interior decor and expands their lifestyles outside.