Discounted Lloyd Flanders Elements Small End Table

Lloyd Flanders Elements Small End Table
If misplacing personal items is annoying inside the home, it's downright scary when entertaining outside; but the Lloyd Flanders Elements Small End Table gives you someplace to keep all your pocket contents so you can be sure they won't get chewed up by the lawn mower or ruined by the rain before they're recovered. This convenient end table is small enough to move around to be placed wherever it's most needed, without getting in the way. This mobility also makes it a tremendous side table for drinks while entertaining. And because it has sturdy wrap-around-style legs, it can easily sit in front of you while using your laptop computer, making a to-do list, or filling out a calendar or planner. Its stainless steel construction makes it an ideal piece of outdoor furniture because there is no maintenance or upkeep required, no matter what whether might come your way. About Lloyd/FlandersCarrying on the traditions of Marshall B. Lloyd, Lloyd/Flanders brings the sophistication of timeless furniture designs to a sophisticated, modern audience. Using modern production processes and materials, these classic styles are faithfully rendered in a way that can be enjoyed by customers anywhere with high-quality construction and reliable, all-weather designs.