Order O.W. Lee Ashbury 42.5 x 72.5 in. Rectangle Glass Top Patio Dining Table

O.W. Lee Ashbury 42.5 x 72.5 in. Rectangle Glass Top Patio Dining Table

Make mealtime a part of your family's summer traditions, with the O.W. Lee Ashbury 42.5 x 72.5 in. Rectangle Glass Top Patio Dining Table. Summer schedules can get so busy with everything that's going on, but that's no reason to start eating on the run. In fact, it's all the more reason to take things slow and enjoy a leisurely meal outside while you all have a chance to catch up with one another. Studies have shown that families who eat together tend to live happier, healthier lives and feel more connected to one another. The beautiful Ashbury rectangular dining table also has plenty of room to share the table with a couple of guests, helping to reduce the amount of running around that your family experiences. The scrolling curves of the aluminum frame provide both structural support as wells as artistic beauty, bringing you peace of mind and spirit from both its sensibility and its aesthetic charm. The sensually curving metalwork is hand forged and hammered, bringing a uniquely masterful craftsmanship to this piece and adding to your outdoor decor a traditional appeal that also possesses a fashion-forward individuality. And this extra care in construction doesn't lead to extra waste in production. In fact, O.W. Lee utilizes sustainable materials, recycling, and precision to minimize the footprint of each piece and of the company as a whole. Materials and construction: Only the highest quality materials are used in the production of O.W. Lee Company's furniture. Carbon steel, galvanized steel, and 6061 alloy aluminum is meticulously chosen for superior strength as well as rust and corrosion resistance. All materials are individually measured and precision cut to ensure a smooth, and accurate fit. Steel and aluminum pieces are bent into perfect shapes, then hand-forged with a hammer and anvil, a process unchanged since blacksmiths in the middle ages. For the optimum strength of each piece, a full-circum