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Lloyd Flanders Classic Rounded Dining Chair

Sit back and relax in your Lloyd Flanders Classic Rounded Dining Chair while you enjoy good food and good company. With their rounded backs, wide seats, and high arms, these dining chairs are perfect for enjoying a slow luxurious meal. The chair's wider base provides each diner a bit of elbow room, so no one at the table feels crowded or rushed. The decorative elements of these chairs - such as the braided ends, decorative vertical ribs, and stainless steel legs - create a uniquely attractive appearance as well as a sturdier frame. Sink back into the Comfort Plush cushions that accompany these Lloyd Flanders chairs. As you release the weight of your cares and concerns, these cushions will support you with their internal spring bond premium core with dense foam and special polyester fiber that ensure total relaxation. Wrapped around this high-quality core is a polypropylene jacket of spun-bond fabric that sandwiches an inner meltblown-fabric layer, making these cushions water proof - an absolute must for any outdoor furniture. The quality materials and construction also mean that these cushions are inherently mildew and bacteria resistant. And to guarantee that they fit with your tastes and decor, they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that you're sure to love. The attractive frames of Lloyd Flanders dining chairs are wrapped in a woven vinyl that adds a provincial homey feel to these pieces that also provides you with peace of mind, knowing that the high-quality construction will last season after season. The resin wicker is hand crafted using 100 percent virgin vinyl with added UV inhibitors, making this furniture even more durable and beautiful than pieces made with natural fibers. About Lloyd/FlandersCarrying on the traditions of Marshall B. Lloyd, Lloyd/Flanders brings the sophistication of timeless furniture designs to a sophisticated, modern audience. Using modern production processes and materials &