Purchase Lloyd Flanders Elements All-Weather Wicker Ottoman

Lloyd Flanders Elements All-Weather Wicker Ottoman

How much can one little square help you with party planning? Find out with the Lloyd Flanders Elements All-Weather Wicker Ottoman. The most difficult part of party planning is simply that you can't plan for everything, but this square ottoman takes care of many of those contingencies for you. When more guests show up than intended, this ottoman can serve as either overflow seating or extra surface space. And when partygoers stay longer than anticipated, this ottoman helps shift gears into a more casual, relaxing environment where you and your friends can sit back, put your feet up, and chat the night away. The restrained elegance of this collection places it squarely in the field of modernist and contemporary design. While the textures of soft resin wicker and hard stainless steel create an impressive visual effect, they also work together to produce a thoroughly comforting and substantial seat. The Comfort Plush cushions that come standard with the Elements collection by Lloyd Flanders support you with their internal spring bond premium core with dense foam and special polyester fiber that ensure total relaxation. Wrapped around this high-quality core is a polypropylene jacket of spun-bond fabric that sandwiches an inner meltblown-fabric layer, making these cushions water proof - an absolute must for any outdoor furniture. The quality materials and construction also mean that these cushions are inherently mildew and bacteria resistant. And to guarantee that they fit with your tastes and decor, they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that you're sure to love. The attractive frames of the Element collection by Lloyd Flanders highlight the simplicity of contemporary design by using clean lines and smart, strong materials such as stainless steel and resin wicker. This provides peace of mind in knowing that these chairs won't fade, warp, splinter, or rot even when left outside year round. The resin wicker is h