Bargain Lloyd Flanders Elements All-Weather Wicker Large Ottoman

Lloyd Flanders Elements All-Weather Wicker Large Ottoman

If you've ever either heard or uttered the phrase, This is why we can't have nice things, the Lloyd Flanders Elements All-Weather Wicker Large Ottoman will set your mind at ease. It can be frustrating to watch friends or family prop their feet up on a nice table without regard for your things or your efforts to keep them looking new. But this ottoman was made for feet propping. Like all ottomans, this can serve as extra seating or surface area when entertaining or as a comfortable foot stool when relaxing by yourself or with just a few close companions. What makes this particular ottoman so special is that it is designed for all-weather outdoor use, which means that it is built tough and stays looking great with very little maintenance, able to be hosed off or wiped clean. Also, because this ottoman is large enough to service a whole chat area, it can often actually take the place of needing a coffee table, simplifying your life and your outdoor living space. The restrained elegance of this collection places it squarely in the field of modernist and contemporary design. While the textures of soft resin wicker and hard stainless steel create an impressive visual effect, they also work together to produce a thoroughly comforting and substantial seat. The Comfort Plush cushions that come standard with the Elements collection by Lloyd Flanders support you with their internal spring bond premium core with dense foam and special polyester fiber that ensure total relaxation. Wrapped around this high-quality core is a polypropylene jacket of spun-bond fabric that sandwiches an inner meltblown-fabric layer, making these cushions water proof - an absolute must for any outdoor furniture. The quality materials and construction also mean that these cushions are inherently mildew and bacteria resistant. And to guarantee that they fit with your tastes and decor, they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that you're sure to love.T