Discount Great American Woodies Cottage Classic High Dining Chair

Great American Woodies Cottage Classic High Dining Chair

Great American Woodies Cottage Classic High Dining Chair The Cottage Classic High Dining Chair is just what you need to enjoy a hearty meal outdoors with family and friends. The classic hand-finished cottage design presents an inviting place to sit in comfort for hours on end and enjoy the warm summer weather. The fan-shaped high backrest provides maximum comfort and excellent back support while the generously-proportioned comfortable seat helps you relax and rejuvenate yourself. Made from decay-resistant kiln-dried Southern Cypress this dining chair is finished in a choice of distressed acrylic color stains and lightly sanded to achieve an aged antiqued look. The wood is finished with a layer of Cuprinol an outdoor water-based stain with UV inhibitors for excellent color retention and fade resistance. All fasteners are marine stainless steel to prevent rusting. The distinctive close grain pattern of the wood allows it to absorb paint and varnishes quite well in case you want to refinish it down the line. Designed for all-weather outdoor use the Cottage Classic High Dining Chair is the perfect addition to your backyard garden or front porch. The Beauty and Benefits of Cypress WoodRichey Industries is proud to use cypress wood. Used throughout history in the sturdy construction of piers railroad bridges ships and boats cypress is now a favorite for outdoor furniture. Its watertightness is of great benefit to outdoor furniture. Richey's cypress lumber is kiln-dried then crafted into beautiful furniture pieces. It doesn't normally check or warp as many softer woods do so it will stand the test of time. Cypress contains a natural preservative cypressene which further enhances its durability. It takes and holds stains and paints longer than other woods so it's a perfect choice for Richey's Cottage Classics line. Why does the Cottage Classic collection use an acrylic color stain instead of paint Plain and simple…because an acrylic color stain lasts longer. Paint does effectively seal the wood - temporar