Deals For Galtech 7.5-ft. Wood Round Patio Umbrella Dark Wood Sunbrella Pacific

Galtech 7.5-ft. Wood Round Patio Umbrella Dark Wood Sunbrella Pacific

Galtech 7.5-ft. Wood Round Patio Umbrella Dark Wood Sunbrella Pacific Shop for Patio Umbrellas from! An ideal size for condominiums or apartment balconies, the 7.5-foot Wood Round Patio Umbrella is the perfect source for afternoon shade. A two-piece wooden pole connects with a durable threaded coupling for easy installation and even easier storage. Two fabric selections of Sunbrella and Suncrylic are offered. Both are solution-dyed acrylics for colorfastness, and each offers a warranty against fading. Choose from over 25 shade colors depending on your fabric preference. This model is attractive and hardy enough to be used in commercial settings as well.1-year warranty from purchase date and 100% satisfaction guarantee Easily store this umbrella in a small space when not in use1.37-in. pole diameter fits most tables with holes5-year warranty against fading for Sunbrella; 1 year for SuncrylicShown above in Sunbrella Minerals. What distinguishes Galtech Market, Patio, and Offset Umbrellas from the rest Galtech International continuously strives to produce the most innovative market and patio umbrellas. Galtech's goal is to integrate the finest components available, from stainless steel cable to solid resin hubs, to create the most beautiful, durable, and functional patio umbrellas imaginable. It manufactures an umbrella in every size, shape, and functionality available. Market umbrellas and offset umbrellas range in size from 7.5 to 11 feet and are available in wood or aluminum poles. Most aluminum umbrellas feature threaded coupling, solid resin hubs and finials, dynamic auto-tilt, and stainless steel cable. Some aluminum umbrellas feature auto-locking metal housing that secures the umbrella in its tilted position. Wood market umbrellas feature threaded coupling, premium multi-layer finishes, and a brass base sleeve to protect the pole base from moisture. Some wood umbrellas also feature decorative brass trim on the ribs and rotational tilt to expand afternoon shade. Galtech also offers a variety of lift options from crank to pulley and pin. To give customers even more choice, Galtech also offers its umbrellas in a variety of shade fabric qualities and prices. Sunbrella is the most durable option available. Suncrylic is a good-quality mid-range fabric, and Olefin is also a great option though it doesn't have the stamina of Sunbrella and Suncrylic. From size to shape to material and color, Galtech has got you covered. About SunbrellaSunbrella has been the leader in performance fabrics for over 45 years. Impeccable quality, sophisticated styling and best-in-class warranties prove the new generation of Sunbrella offers more possibilities than ever. Sunbrella fabrics are breathable and water-repellant. If kept dry, they will not support the growth of mildew as natural fibers will. Beautiful and durable, Sunbrella is a name you can trust in your outdoor furniture. Cleaning and Caring for SunbrellaRegular maintenance is the best way to keep your Sunbrella fabrics looking good and delay deep, vigorous cleaning. Brush off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabrics, and wipe up spills as soon as they occur. For light cleaning, use a mild soap and water solution and a sponge, allowing your cleaning solution to soak into the fabric. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue and allow fabric to air dry. Sunbrella fabrics have been tested to provide up to 98% UV protection, depending on depth of color. Whites and lighter colored fabrics provide less protection than darker fabrics. This protective factor is inherent to the product and will not diminish through use or exposure to the sun. Sunbrella furniture and umbrella fabrics have been awarded the "Seal of Recommendation" by the Skin Cancer Foundation, an international organization dedicated to the prevention of skin cancer. Beautiful and protective fabric is the hallmark of Sunbrella.