Save Selamat Stratus Lounge Chair Teak

Selamat Stratus Lounge Chair Teak

Lean back, relax, and enjoy the fresh air from your deck or patio, with the Selamat Stratus Lounge Chair Teak. This broad-backed chair offers plenty of room for you to sink back into it and enjoy cool evenings in your yard. The clean lines and intriguing trapezoidal angles of this chair also lend a sophisticated element to your decor that will surely catch the attention of your friends and guests. Though it's beautiful enough to be used in the home, this lounge chair is smartly constructed with materials that can also weather all climate conditions. Plantation-grown Tectona Grandis, used in Selamat Designs' teak furniture, is one of the world's most durable and solid grained woods. Because of teak's unique interaction with the elements, weathering to a beautiful silver gray, the pieces in this collection arrive unfinished. Once it has reached your desired shade, you can seal the wood with teak oil to maintain its color. After oiling, occasionally rubbing a thin film of carnuba paste or creme wax - not a silicone wax or oily polish - into the teak, moving in the direction of the grain one small area at a time, will maintain its beauty. Between waxing, simple dusting is all that is required for the wood, using a soft, moist, lint-free cloth, followed immediately by a soft dry cloth. The steel frame can be periodically scrubbed down with a nonabrasive detergent, using a bristle brush and plenty of water. The Stratus collection by Selamat was created by award-winning designer Jarrod Lim, who draws from his experiences in cultures and regions as different and far flung as Australia, Italy, England, and Singapore. With these influences, Lim creates internationally styled furniture recognized as simply beautiful the world over. About Selamat DesignsSelamat Designs was founded in 1988 to make an interesting use of the vast quantities of wood cut-offs left over after production of large