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RST Outdoor Orbital Outdoor Lounger

RST Outdoor Orbital Outdoor Lounger Defy gravity with the RST Outdoor Orbital Outdoor Lounger. Constructed from durable steel material, this futuristic patio lounge chair offers state-of-the-art comfort and modern style that will enliven any patio, deck, garden or poolside space. The quick-dry sling seat features weather-resilient woven PVC material that won't fade from sun exposure. For easy storage, this awesome alfresco lounger collapses to a mere eight-inches wide. Now, you're probably wondering how it works. The unique zero-gravity design of this lounger allows you to kick your legs all the way back, parallel with your head for maximum comfort and relaxation. A built-in safety stop ensures you won't lean back too far and the soft armrests complete your comfort. About Red Star TradersSince 2004, Red Star Traders LLC (made up of RST Outdoor, RST Living and FlowWall System) has designed and manufactured products in the outdoor living, home decor and wall-based organizational products categories. Red Star is a direct import, product marketing company. Red Star categories of focus include jewelry boxes, men's gifts & furnishings, and RTA furniture. Their team of marketing and design professionals can help identify market trends and deliver products that meet target retails with maximum perceived value. Red Star's network of manufacturing partners and overseas production managers insure integrity in production and strict quality control.

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