Bargain O.W. Lee Palisades Spring Club Chair

O.W. Lee Palisades Spring Club Chair

Put yourself on the A list and experience how the other half lives, with O.W. Lee Palisades Spring Club Chair. The Pacific Palisades are an upscale neighborhood in Los Angeles, home to numerous Hollywood elites. And this plush lounger gives you a glimpse into that lifestyle, while you sit back, relax, and experience true luxury as you sink into its deep, wide seat and full, thick cushions. Its spring base makes getting in and out of this lounger a cinch, though we doubt you'll want to get out at all because of the gentle rocking motion that it also supplies. The curving arms and back also offer a naturally supportive recline that inspires long languid evenings full of contemplation or friendly conversation, depending on whether you are trying to stay out of the limelight or have drawn up a select guest list of your own invitees to share your time with. The superior foam and fiber filled seat cushions add to this feeling of relaxation, providing a softness that visually plays off the hardness of the aluminum frame and that is a pleasure to sit in. Meanwhile the aluminum frame is cleverly formed with sensual, organic curves that add a touch of elegance to any exterior decor. Being able to choose from a wide selection of frame and fabric colors also gives you the opportunity to perfectly match your own personal tastes and the existing look of your home and yard. Materials and construction: Only the highest quality materials are used in the production of O.W. Lee Company's furniture. Carbon steel, galvanized steel, and 6061 alloy aluminum is meticulously chosen for superior strength as well as rust and corrosion resistance. All materials are individually measured and precision cut to ensure a smooth, and accurate fit. Steel and aluminum pieces are bent into perfect shapes, then hand-forged with a hammer and anvil, a process unchanged since blacksmiths in the middle ages. For the optimum strength of each pie