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O.W. Lee Gios Sofa

O.W. Lee Gios Sofa Invite a few friends over to see what's happening, or perhaps to see what happenings occur, on the O.W. Lee Gios Sofa. In the mid twentieth century, artists began staging experimental improvisational projects called happenings, which brought life into art and art into life, blurring the boundaries between modernist and contemporary styles. This edgy sofa accomplishes a similar aesthetic, with several qualities that stem from modernist influences while also incorporating more contemporary urban distinctions. The cool, angular appeal of this sofa is at once visually stunning and ultimately comforting. Its simple angles produce a striking geometric composition that inflects the urban feel of late modernism into your outdoor decor. And the thoughtful design behind the simple structure produces an ergonomic, straightforward seat that will allow you and your friends to sit comfortably for hours while you enjoy lengthy meandering conversations. The superior foam and fiber filled seat cushions add to this feeling of relaxation, providing a softness that visually plays off the hardness of the aluminum angular frame and that is a pleasure to sit in. And being able to choose from a wide selection of fabrics to match your preferred frame color allows you to participate in the decorative aesthetic of this sofa's presentation. Materials and construction: Only the highest quality materials are used in the production of O.W. Lee Company's furniture. Carbon steel, galvanized steel, and 6061 alloy aluminum is meticulously chosen for superior strength as well as rust and corrosion resistance. All materials are individually measured and precision cut to ensure a smooth, and accurate fit. Steel and aluminum pieces are bent into perfect shapes, then hand-forged with a hammer and anvil, a process unchanged since blacksmiths in the middle ages. For the optimum strength of each piece, a full-circumference weld is applied wherever m