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Telescope Casual 18.5 in. MGP Square End Table
The Telescope Casual 18.5 in. MGP Square End Table is a subtle blend of timeless patio style with durable all-weather technology that will adorn your home for years to come. Constructed from marine-grade polymer, this stylish end table features stainless steel hardware and a water- and mildew-resistant frame finish that is virtually maintenance-free and will not fade, rot or crack from exposure to harsh weather conditions. The casual, down-to-earth style features smooth lines and a square table surface. This table is great for completing your patio set. Choose from a variety of frame finishes for the table that best complements your home. About Telescope Casual FurnitureAfter 100 years in an industry where design differentiation is crucial for success, Telescope Casual Furniture has become known for its ability to stand out. The century-old manufacturer exceeds most retailers' expectations not only by consistently turning out unique products, but also by maintaining an unwavering stance with respect to quality. Recipient of the Casual Furniture Retailers Association Manufacturer Leadership Award, the Granville, N.Y-based company will continue to push the envelope on already high standards for the next 100 years.