Get Cheap Telescope Casual Polymer Patio End Table

Telescope Casual Polymer Patio End Table
Compact in size, the Telescope Casual Polymer End Table is space-efficient and functional. Made from marine-grade polymer, this table is long-lasting and has a strong construction. Its frame is resistant to water, cracks, rot and mildew, making it highly resilient and maintenance-free. A soothing textured snow finish lends this table a stylish allure. For added strength, the table has stainless steel hardware that is rust-free. About Telescope Casual FurnitureAfter 100 years in an industry where design differentiation is crucial for success, Telescope Casual Furniture has become known for its ability to stand out. The century-old manufacturer exceeds most retailers' expectations not only by consistently turning out unique products, but also by maintaining an unwavering stance with respect to quality. Recipient of the Casual Furniture Retailers Association Manufacturer Leadership Award, the Granville, N.Y-based company will continue to push the envelope on already high standards for the next 100 years.