Save Lloyd Flanders Pool Side Lounge Chair

Lloyd Flanders Pool Side Lounge Chair

The Lloyd Flanders Pool Side Lounge Chair is the kind of sleek, modern sexy that makes us want to invent a time machine, go back to 1962 and get in on those days when people actually dressed up to go on an airplane. While we're dreaming up other wholly improbable vacations, we'll just hang out next to the pool on this slender, contemporary lounge chair. A steel body is given an all-weather stainless finish that is accented by the pewter tones of the padded sling and alternative wood accents on the arms. Even though the sling cuts a slim profile, the taut, padded fabric provides a soothing, forgiving place to enjoy the outdoors, and it's even quick-drying, so you always have a place to sit, even after a storm or a quick washing. If this is a style that works for you, you should definitely check out other pieces in the Lloyd Flanders Pool Side collection, like the Ottoman or Chaise Lounge. About Lloyd/FlandersCarrying on the traditions of Marshall B. Lloyd, Lloyd/Flanders brings the sophistication of timeless furniture designs to a sophisticated, modern audience. Using modern production processes and materials, these classic styles are faithfully rendered in a way that can be enjoyed by customers anywhere with high-quality construction and reliable, all-weather designs.