Shop POLYWOOD 37.5-in L Patio Bench NB48GR

POLYWOOD 37.5-in L Patio Bench NB48GR

Our Recycled Plastic Nautical Bench is the perfect way to add a welcoming element to your outdoor setting. This bench features a classic American design with an inviting arched panel atop the backrest. The seatback itself has a refreshing open look with its widely-spaced vertical slats. The seat is made of closely-laid slats angled to accommodate the shape of your legs. The polywood construction of this bench offers peace of mind. This highly durable recycled material resists the elements better than any wood so you can relax when it comes to maintenance as well. Give your backyard the tranquil atmosphere of a park with our Recycled Plastic Tennis Bench. About PolyWoodThe advantages of PolyWood Recycled Plastic are hard to ignore. PolyWood absorbs no moisture and will NOT rot warp crack splinter or support bacterial growth. PolyWood is also compounded with permanent UV-stabilized colors which eliminates the need for painting staining waterproofing stripping and resurfacing. This material is impervious to many substances including salt water gasoline paint stains and mineral spirits. In addition every PolyWood product comes with stainless steel hardware. PolyWood is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Simple soap and water is all you need to get rid of dirt and make your furniture look new again. For extreme cleaning needs you can use a 1/3 bleach and water solution. Most PolyWood furnishings are available in a variety of classic colors which allow you to choose your favorite or coordinate with the furniture you already have. This is sure to be a piece that you will be proud to own for a lifetime.